Pea Pod Drama 'Theatre Class' focuses on building confidence, encouraging respect for one another and is a safe place to meet new friends in a creative environment. We study theatre games, improvisation, performance skills. Students will gain new life skills whilst having fun in a relaxed, inclusive and high energy class. 'Theatre Class' is suitable for all abilities.

This class won't work towards performances, students can join the Saturday Show Class if they are interested in performing.

Every Monday.

Class fee is £6 per class weekly/ £5 per class when paid monthly.



Pea Pod Drama 'Saturday Show Class' This class is focussed on staging several shows & showcases each year. With an end of year awards party, we promote healthy competition for our actors to aspire to be the best actor or actress they can be.

This class is 4.5hrs each week, we strive for excellence each Saturday with our professionally planned rehearsals, nuturing the very best talent in Cheshire.

'Show Class' is suitable for commited, hard working and enthusiastic young people who want to learn more about the performing arts industry and put their skills to the test in front of regular live audiences. Our Saturday company is a very friendly and lively group, perfect for making life long friends and strecthing young talent.

Every Saturday.

Class fee is £15 per class.